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The STA has been working over 90 years to serve its members in many ways. Regulators and other participants in the Securities Industry continue to use the STA as the definitive contact for Transfer Industry issues. The STA engages in dialogue with regulators and industry participants on every major regulatory change, business undertaking or innovation that has the potential to affect our Industry, and seeks, through these meetings, to ensure that these changes will benefit our members, with as little adverse impact as possible. We regularly inform our members about regulatory change through email alerts and Newsletters and are continuing to improve how we represent, support, and communicate with our members.

As Transfer Agents today, we continue to face rapid change and increasing challenges. We must prepare for an evolving regulatory environment and heightened competition from many new directions.

Against that backdrop, the STA has recruited the time, energy, and resources of several senior industry executives to develop and lead the strategies necessary to promote desired changes. We are committed to do an outstanding job in keeping you informed and to communicating key issues as they arise to our membership through a robust website and electronic communication program.

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