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STA Letter Requesting Extension of Comment Period on File 34-7643-S-27-15: - January 2015

DTCC Important Notice re Corporate Action Fees - December 2015

SEC Concept Release re Transfer Agent Rules - December 2015

SEC Regulation Crowdfunding - November 2015

STA/SSA Amicus Curiae Brief - September 2015

ULC Holders Coalition Recommendation - May 2015

ULC Holders Coalition Letter - May 2015

DTC Rule Requiring Participation in BCP testing - May 2015

SEC Final Rules Amending Regulation A - March 2015

STA Draft Language for Uniform Law Commission - January 2015

STA Letter to Uniform Law Commission - November 2014

STA Report on Industry Efforts to Improve the U.S. Proxy Voting System - September 2014

SEC Notice of DTC Withdrawal of Rule Proposal SR-DTC-2013-11 - August 2014

IRS Allows Use of Truncated TINS - July 2014

SEC Extends Period for Decision on DTC Rule Filing SR-DTC-2013-11 - June 2014

Further DTC Response to Comments re File No. SR-DTC-2013-11 - May 2014

DTC Response to Comments on File No. SR-DTC-2013-11 - April 2014

STA Comment Letter on File SR-DTC-2013-11 - April 2014

SEC Institutes Proceedings re DTC Proposed Rule Filing on Chills and Global Locks - March 2014

STA Letter to Uniform Law Commission - February 2014

STA Comment Letter re DTC Rule Proposal File SR-DTC-2013-11 - January 2014

DTC Proposed Rule Filing re Chills and Global Locks - December 2013

STA Comment Letter on SEC Proposed Crowdfunding Rules - December 2013

SEC proposes Crowdfunding Regs for comment - October 2013

Financial Regulators Joint Release re Diversity Policies - October 2013

SEC Order Approving NYSE Proxy Fees - October 2013

DTC Service Restrictions on Certain Book Entry Securities Procedures for Affected Issuers - September 2013

DTC Corporate Actions Flyer - September 2013

SEC Extension of Consideration of NYSE Fee Proposal - August 2013

STA Files Additional Comment Letter with SEC Regarding Proposed Proxy Fees! - July 2013

SEC Order Instituting Proceedings re NYSE Fee Schedule - May 2013

STA Comment Letter re Reg SCI - April 2013

DTCC Press Release re Dematerialization - March 2013

STA Comment Letter re NYSE Proxy Fees - March 2013

NYSE Fee Proposal - February 2013

Comment Letter on NYSE Fee Proposal - February 2013

NYSE Rule Filing re Proxy Fees - January 2013

SEC Final Rule Amending Rule 17Ad-17 - January 2013

Final Regs re reporting by and payments to FFI's - January 2013

Draft Final Rule Amending Rule 17Ad-17 - December 2012

DTCC Procedure for Submitting Stock Power Copies - December 2012

STA Letter to SEC re Proposed Proxy Fees - December 2012

STA Letter to SEC re Proposed Proxy Fees - December 2012

STA letter to DE re Kelmar audits - December 2012

Revised Hurricane Sandy Damaged Certificate Procedures - November 2012

SEC Approve Regulatory Relief for Hurricane Victims! - November 2012

DTCC has issued a news release with respect to Hurricane Sandy. Please go to for complete information.

STA Letter to SEC re JOBS Act - September 2012

STA Comment Letter re Dematerialization Proposals - August 2012

STA Analysis of NYSE PFAC Proposed Proxy Fees - July 2012

DTCC White Paper on Dematerialization - July 2012

Draft New Form W-8 for Individuals - June 2012

Draft New Form W-8 for Entities - June 2012

STA Letter to DTCC re Trading Suspension - June 2012

DTCC Proposed Rule re Corporate Action Announcements in
Machine Readable Format
- May 2012

Cost Basis Webinar May 2012 Q & A - May 2012

Delaware Letter Revising Section 1198(9)a of Escheat Law - May 2012

Second letter to Delaware regarding Escheatment - April 2012

Letter to Delaware concerning escheatment issues - March 2012

STA/SSA Petition to SEC re Managed Account Fees - March 2012

FATCA Proposed Rules - February 2012

Identity Theft Proposed Rules - February 2012

STA Comment regarding University of Delaware Report - February 2012

STA Comment Letter re DTC OA Changes - February 2012

IRS Form 8937 Instructions - January 2012

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